Pembrokeshire Birding Sites

There are a number of excellent places to look for birds across Pembrokeshire.  They include estuaries, coast, islands, wetlands, woodlands and uplands.  Each has their merits according to season, weather, tides and target species.

The excellent Pembrokeshire Birds blog, administered by the Pembrokeshire Bird Group (a section of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales), has a section on Birding Sites which is well worth a read if you aren’t familiar with the county.  Just reading the sightings on the blog from local birders and conservationists will give you an excellent sense of where to look.

As I currently live overlooking the Gann Estuary, I maintain a specific page on the area, which you can read below.

Birding Sites

The Gann

The Gann is famous in Pembrokeshire birdwatching circles and is a popular site with both walkers and birdwatchers.

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